What is the Cash Discount?

The cash discount program enables merchants to eliminate up to 100% of their processing fees by adding a customer service fee on all transactions, and offering their customers a cash discount if they pay by cash, which would eliminate the service fee. If a customer does pay by a non-cash method, the service fee charged will be paid out to the merchant, and it will offset against their processing costs.

Example: If a product is priced at $100, with a 4% service fee, it would be $104, so the non-cash price would be $104. However, if the customer pays by cash, the 4% service fee is “discounted”, so the cost would be $100. No calculation needed, our technology will calculate everything automatically, and we provide the pricing disclosure stickers to place in your business.

How does this eliminate up to 100% of my processing fees?

Example: If you add a 4% service fee, and we bill you 4% for processing fees, then 4%-4%=0%! Call us to learn more about this amazing program that is revolutionizing the way merchants accepts credit cards.

Is it something new?

No, the business merchants have been providing discounts for the payments, which are made in cash. It is not a new concept.

Is it possible to run the transactions of electronic benefit transfer at the time of using the program of cash discount?

Yes, it is possible for you to use the cards of electronic benefit transfer at the time of using the cash discount program. You cannot include a service charge on EBT cards as it is not permitted to add a fee on the cards that are issued by the government. But you can use a terminal for running the EBT transactions.

Can I offer the Cash Discount Program in My State?

Some people confuse the cash discount program with a surcharging program. The cash discount program is NOT a surcharge program, and it is available in all States. However, this is not intended as legal advice, and we encourage you to consult with your own legal counsel.

How do I apply for a Merchant Account?

It is very easy to establish a merchant account with No More Fees. You can go to our Apply Now page and complete all the necessary information to obtain a new account. You can also contact us directly at 844-332-5158 for a quick and easy setup. You will speak with an experienced sales representative that will help you determine the best card processing solution for your business. Upon our quick approval, your account will be activated and if necessary a pre-programmed terminal will be shipped to you.

What credit cards will I be able to accept?

You will be able to accept all of the major credit cards such as; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. In addition, you will be able to accept debit cards that carry a Visa or Mastercard logo.

What Type of equipment do I need to accept credit cards?

No More Fees has a solution for just about every merchant. If you have a retail storefront, restaurant, hotel, medical office, or service business you can use our (POS) point of sale terminal for face to face transactions. You can also hand enter (key in) data into a point of sale (POS) credit card terminal.

For professionals on the go, No More Fees, offers a mobile solution or the best wireless terminal in the industry. This wireless terminal can be used anywhere to accept credit cards. The mobile phone solution simply attaches to your phone for easy processing, and the wireless solution is a portable machine that works everywhere your cell phone works, with a built-in printer.

If you have an internet based, telephone order, mail order business, or hand key most of your transactions, we can provide you with a gateway or motto account to meet all your business needs.

How often will I receive funds from No More Fees?

No More Fees is proud to offer next day funding to eligible businesses.