Cash Discount Program

Eliminate 100% of Your Monthly Processing Bill 

Skip the Headache of Paying Card Processing Fees and Pad Your Bottom-Line!

Wipe Out Credit Card Processing Fees by 100%!

You Save Money and Your Customers Receive a CASH DISCOUNT by using cash for purchases rather than a credit or debit card. You will be saying, "WOW," as you see the difference this program has on your business' bottom line.

This is truly A transformative program!

Want to accept credits cards without the expensive fees? Our cash discount program allows you to have one simple rate of 4% which is passed to the card holder. Our cash discount program has saved merchants thousands and typically saves over 97% on fees.

How Does It Work?

As an incentive for customers to pay with cash, they are offered a discount when doing so. Your prices are now your cash prices and any time someone pays with a card, they are charged a 4% service fee, which covers all processing costs. Our terminal placement program means you get a free terminal, it is pre-programmed to pass the service fee, and is also capable of EMV/chip cards and NFC such as Apple Pay!

Check out our FAQ page for answers to questions other merchants like you have had...

Eliminate my bill now

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Sample Receipts

The calculated service fee will appear as a line item on every receipt as shown below.
You, as the business can override the service fee.

Sample Receipt2
Sample Receipt
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